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About Us

We work hard to keep clients at the heart of everything we do by offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth.

Make the most of the world’s largest financial market. We are here to help you get the most out of your investments in the giving you access to all of the global investments. Together, we can help you understand the global markets and help you achieve your financial goals.


The analysts, educators, and researchers at First Factor Financial Services have over 30 years of trading experience . All have contributed to the field of technical analysis in different ways, theory to professional educational seminars on cycle analysis, designed proprietary indicators, developed trading systems, and more. Having profited from many bull and bear market cycles, our experts are ready for any move the market makes.


Financial Services Industry Analysis

The First Factor Financials strategies are one of the best ways to safeguard and grow your trading and investing accounts.

Research and trade analysis from our experts, when delivered,
is highly educational, so you learn our strategies while following
our trade advice inside the finance sector.


An independent

financial research


We provide unbiased and actionable investment research based on rigorous analysis. Emphasis on the largest financial markets in the world, First Factor Financials is a leading financial brokerage firm, offering secure access and unfettered transparency for individual or institutional traders.
This is regardless of one’s global location.

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